Getting Started With TomChat Communities

Unlimited members, endless growth possibilities, more admin controls.
Introducing a brand-new group chat experience
Engage new members
New members see the chat history and join the conversation
Keep members’ privacy
All Community members’ phone numbers are hidden
Moderate the discussion
Add superadmins and admins to help you manage your Community
Grow your Community
Allow members to add friends with the invite link
Manage the conversation
Decide whether your members can post in the chat
Delete unwanted messages
Keep your conversations safe and on topic
Ban users
Remove members who violate your Community rules
Encourage safe chats
Members can chat directly and privately with Hidden-number Chats

Master Your Community

Read our insider guide to help you make the most of your community
  • Get started with your own community
  • Gain insights about your success
  • Learn TomChat’s tools for outstanding content